Gentium Cyrillic acute and grave angle

The angle of the acute and grave seems inconsistent over some upper-case Cyrillic letters in Gentium (top right in the picture). The lower case looks better, as well as Charis (middle) and Andika (bottom).

The letters з́ (zje) and с́ (sje) have combining accents. They are used in the Montenegrin alphabet.

I don’t know what’s the policy on the double acute in ӳ, but if Charis has the same angle as for the single acute, then maybe Gentium and Andika could too?

Gentium Plus implements a low-profile diacritic on uppercase letters (Andika, Doulos, and Charis do not). I believe this was done to reduce the amount of linespacing needed. However, it looks like the diacritics are only low-profile if it’s on a precomposed character, and they are more steep on the ones that are not precomposed. I think for the Latin characters they are more consistently low-profile. Also, it doesn’t look like the double acute has a low-profile version.

If you wish the acute and grave to be consistently low-profile you can turn on the “Low-profile diacritics” feature in our TypeTuner Web tool: TypeTuner Web
This will give consistent results (for single acute and single grave, but not for double acute) on the angle in both upper and lowercase.

I know this is the opposite of what you are requesting.

I’ll ask the team to look at your feedback to see if we could be more consistent.

The inconsistent angles on capitals is a bug we hope to fix. The double-acute, however, often does not have the same angle as the single acute, so that may not change.