Generate flash cards?


I know this is not a language learning app, but it could be very useful if there was a way to generate flashcards from this program. Choose a selection/category of words, and two languages you want cards generated in. Probably the most helpful would be to generate digital flash cards, but maybe that’s asking too much?


Hi Amy,

There is already a way to do this with ANKI, but first you need to have your Language Forge data in FLEx (via S/R). Once it is in FLEx, you can export a LIFT file and then use the FlashGrab Anki extension to generate flashcard data from your FLEx dictionary. Hope this helps!



Wow!! That is SOO awesome! Thank yoU!


I also want to do this but my S/R won’t sync from the language forge website. When I try to sync it tells me to contact an admin.


Thanks for this Rich. We’ll interact with you in the issue tracker to get you back on track.