GEEZ vowel

Thanks for sorting and having us this opportunity typing Geez words in Mac. I have both Tigrigna, Geez, and Amharic, nether of them won’t let me type vowel form. lets say I want say selam. ስልም this is all I got. What should I do.


Thanks for your question. Can you tell us

  • what keyboard you are using?
  • what version of Keyman you are running?
  • what version of Mac operating system you are using?

I believe @makara is tracking some other issues with Amharic on macOS also. Would be worth checking in with him.

This issue definitely seems to be application specific, I see it off an on and as a work around I go to a text editor to type, then copy and paste back into the uncooperative application.

As I encounter this, I can add the name of the application to the issue ticket which may help with testing solutions.

Thanks for your response. I have it loaded on my MacBook pro.

On macOS Mojave, Amharic keyboard should work on most application, except Adobe Illustrator.

Unfortunately, I do not have the latest version of macOS to test whether or not it works.

If Keyman does not work consistently, please run the command shown in the thread below.

የቐኒየለይ! Thanks again not seem to work well. Except the longest you work with it start to get back to the issue I had again.

Can you explain what you mean by “not seem to work well”? What happen when you try to type certain things? Doe it not produce the desired output at all in any application?

I do not have problem typing using Amharic keyboard on macOS Big Sur version 11.4 using Keyman for macOS version 14.0.276 though.

type in: me mu mi ma mie m mo
output: መ ሙ ሚ ማ ሜ ም ሞ

If the keyboard doesn’t work anywhere at all, it means that Keyman hasn’t been installed correctly on your machine. Follow the instructions here to properly install it: How to configure macOS security options for Keyman.

Let me know how it goes.