Frozen when opening Oral Annotations Tools function in SayMore 3.2.20

Oral Annotations Tools does not open in SayMore 3.2.20. The program is frozen.
It only works when I run SayMore program as administrator.
This happens in a few computers on Windows 10.
Any idea how to solve it (except running as administrator)?

Not sure, but I wonder if maybe this could be caused by trying to open an file that was created (possibly in SayMore) while you were logged in as administrator and now you don’t have access permission under a non-admin account.

No, the project was newly created after installing to the latest SayMore, on the same hour I want to start using Oral Annotations Tools. No one ever use “Run program as administrator” on my computer to do anything. And there is only ONE account to login to my computer, which is the administrator’s account.