Front/Back Matter typography & alignment

Having made a few strong complaints about the Blooms templates, I would like to be positive and request some specific design improvements.

  1. That the default text style for headings should be bold and that the default line spacing should be 0,8 lines.
  2. The cover page should have the main language title and the second language title closer together, or perhaps that text boxes should be adjustable.
  3. The picture on the cover should be optionally edge to edge. This should be a HUGE improvement.
  4. Alignment: If the user changes the alignment on the cover to ‘left’, the text box assigned for the optional author/illustrations details should also be aligned left, ALL the text on the title page should automatically be aligned left, including the language which is currently unchangeable, and the Bloom logo and text on the back cover should also be aligned left.

It might be easiest to create a second template which is basically aligned left.

Thanks @HazelL.

the main language title and the second language title closer together

Would you be able to create a sample that shows all these ideas, using In Design or whatever, and then give us that, along with a PDF? Then we can essentially overlay that in order to get it right.

Bloom 4.4 (soon in beta) includes these changes guided by Hazel’s #1 and #2, above:

:star: Cover pages have some improved default typography: Regular—>Bold, line space 1.4 --> 1.1 (national language 1.7–>1.1), min-height: (1.8em --> auto). This puts the two boxes closer to each other. This works well for most scripts, but some will need to increase the line height.