Force packages to define languages before being compiled

As I tried Keyman Developer 13.0, I noticed some differences with the previous version I used last year. Many times I created a package for distribution (.kps file), and after I compile it and copy the .kmn file to my phone, it won’t get installed. Turns out I didn’t define the language(s). Make sense. But after many times forgetting, I think it would be good if the compiler refuse to compile, or at least give a message in the log about this issue, so I don’t have to waste time copying unusable file to my phone.

Hi @bennylin

Yep, this was recently added to Keyman Developer as of 14.0.251-beta in pull request #4563 :slight_smile:

You’ll see the change when you update to Keyman Developer 14.0.


Good point @bennylin!
I also forget a few other things which often makes me compile a keyboard without the intended features. Example, when compiling a keyboard package, I usually forget to chose the keyboard font on the keyboard font dropdown menu. A solution could be a warning or populating the keyboard font field by default with the one we chose in the keyboard>font menu. Just an exemple.


Yes, this is a tricky one to remember for sure. I’ll keep it in mind when we do design on font selection complexity. I’ve added a note to an issue tracking this.