Font SIL OFL - Use it properly with my program / application

Hello! I want to add an OFL Font SIL to my program/application for Windows. My doubt is that:

The installer will “install” the FontExample-Regular.ttf directly in C:\Windows\Fonts so that my program can read it. But my program will be installed in C:\Program Files\My program

What I intend to do is: create a folder in the installation path of the program C:\Program Files\My program\Font_Example and add the complete Font package:
The text file of the license, FontExample-Regular.ttf (although it has already been installed in C:\Windows\Fonts) and if it contains bold version, italic then too.

And finally in the About section put the Attribution “Font Example (FontExample-Regular.ttf : Copyright 2004 Autor(s)Name(s) under SIL OFLRead License (link to the license C:\Program Files\Myprogram\Font_Example\OFL.txt) and See package (link to the folder complete package C:\Program Files\Myprogram\Font_Example)

Everything is correct? Thanks.

I can’t help you with any Windows-specific package installation issues, but what you’re describing sounds like it would likely meet the OFL requirements for attribution.