Font not showing up correctly in Bloom widget

I have created an html5 widget using ActivePresenter, which I hoped to import into a bloom book. It is in Andika New Basic. When I look at it in Bloom 4.8, on my computer, the font looks fine. However, when I publish from Bloom 4.8 to Bloom Reader (either via USB or by saving as a Bloom Reader file) and try to open it on my computer, it is in a different font (possibly Arial?). Is anyone able to help?
The non-widget pages of the book are in Andika New Basic as expected.

Hi Clare. Please submit your book via “Report a Problem” and we’ll take a look at what’s going on.

One clarification: when you say “and try to open it on my computer”, do you mean “on my phone”? (I ask because we do have an experimental .bloomd viewer for the computer.)

Sorry, yes I mean on my phone! I haven’t tried to open the BloomReader file. I will submit my book now. It is just a test so the rest of the book is goobledegook, but I presume that’s okay.