Font modification or normal usage

I want to use SIL OFL font to make a logo (commercial). Let say I designing “MO” logo. I type “MO” with SIL OFL font that i already choose, and then create outline of the font (making the text become vector so i can adjust the shape). Because i need some modification maybe like creating gestalt or add some icon between the “M & O”, or make the M & O a little bit rounded. I’m not gonna change all the alphabet of the font, i’m just modif the M & O. Also not just in logo. What if some modification like adding more line in the words using script type of the SIL OFL font, so it looks like long ribbon that have a words (example in the poster), etc.

Is it allowed by SIL? is it counted as a font modification or considered as normal usage of the font? because i dont know how far the restriction that counted as local modification or font modification that SIL allow.

and last thing. When i give the logo to client or sale the poster, i’ll give them the PDF/JPG format. Is it ok? or i must give the OFL original font with its copyright license txt to client? Of course i will tell them that i use SIL OFL & If they ask for the original font (not my derived form of some SIL OFL alphabet font), i’ll give them the link & make them download the SIL OFL font from google font.

Sorry for the long story and question, i hope you understand & can help to make it clear. Thankyou! Stay health everyone.

This is covered in the OFL-FAQ starting with question 1.1. You can modify the font in any way. See also the OFL-FAQ questions 1.10 to 1.13. If you make a graphic that uses the font and deliver it as a rendered image (jpg) or with the font embedded (pdf) then you don’t need to separately include the font or license files.

Ah i get it, thank for your time. Its helped me a lot! God bless & Stay Health!