Font issue with Charis SIL font in Keyman

I’m trying to create a keyboard in Keyman and I’m using the Charis SIL font since version 6.2 added the Tau gallicum characters (U+A7C7 and U+A7C8). These characters aren’t showing up properly in Keyman. I can see them in the upper right, but they aren’t showing up properly on the keyboard or in the character map to the right. I’ll attach a screenshot. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I was having the same problem until I made sure I installed the latest version of Charis SIL for all users.

Try this:

  1. Download the font package again if you don’t have it in your downloads
  2. Open the zip file and click “Extract all”, it should then extract all the files into a new folder.
  3. Find the font files in the extracted folder, right click on them and choose “Install for all users.” If you do not see “install for all users” choose “show more options”

    This is the install option for all users:

After doing this, restart Keyman Developer, and make sure you have selected Charis SIL as the font for the Character map and the keyboard editor.

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That fixed it! Thank you!

The font issue is resolved and the topic is now closed.