Folio Book Divisions For Large Bloom Book Projects

Sorry, John,

I’m seeing this after I already wrote you. I haven’t sent the zip files yet. We’re having a problem with something else unrelated. We noticed that one of the illustrations for “beans” doesn’t work well in a page with multiple boxes. The picture shows up so tiny you can’t recognize what it is. Here’s the worse part, we cannot delete, change, copy or paste another illustration over it no matter what we do. The beans picture remains. We restarted Bloom and even restarted the PC with no change. I copied and pasted another picture from the box above the “beans” picture with no change. The “beans” picture remains in the box. However, if I go to the AOR Image Gallery to look for another picture of beans, the default picture showing is the one I tried to copy over “beans” from the box above. I don’t see what the boxes on the page have to do with this but the Kagayanen translator said that the picture of “beans” we chose from the Image Gallery is very narrow as if it was taken by a cell phone and maybe that’s why the picture shows up extremely tiny in the picture box. She said if the “beans” is the only picture on the page, it would show up normal size but with multiple boxes it shows up tiny. Something so seemingly minor is preventing me from sending you the zip file. One of the teachers critiqueing the dictionary caught this error because she didn’t know what the tiny speck on the page was supposed to be. Have you ever seen anything like this before? I haven’t. Can you help?


Hi Jacqueline,

I don’t think I can help much without seeing the page. If the upload is too expensive to send me the whole book, can you copy that one page into a new book (Bloom has a copy page command) and send me that one?

Bloom is supposed to make each image as large as possible inside the box you create for it. It could get very small if the image is tall and narrow while the box is short and wide.

If that doesn’t suggest a fix, please send me (or just the Bloom team, using Report a Problem) a book that has the problem page.

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the picture looks to be unusually tall and narrow compared to other pictures while all the boxes are short and wide.
It’s the only picture with that problem.

I don’t know what you mean by the book being too expensive to upload. I would be uploading it from my home PC.
I’d prefer sending you a book with the one page picture problem but how do I send that to you? I made a book
with that one page using the copy page feature and the Report a Problem feature as you suggested but I don’t know
where the file went or what it looked like after I submitted it. I put your name in the message box. Seems it was given
the following issue number: BL-9471.

Meanwhile, how do I send this one-page book to you from inside Bloom? Do I upload it to the Bloom Library? That
doesn’t seem possible.


Jacqueline Huggins

John says:
Sorry about this problem. I’m not seeing the image as a speck…for me it is rather narrow, but fills the space assigned to it from top to bottom…but I confirm that it doesn’t work to try to replace the image with something else.
I don’t know how it happened, but the problem seems to be that this image is marked as ‘bold’, or in html terms, ‘strong’. I have no idea how this happened, but if you’re game to try some HTML editing I think you can fix it. I recommend making a backup first!

  1. In Bloom, right click the book and choose “open File on disk”.
  2. Open the folder that is selected, and find the main .htm file. Open it using a text editor like Notepad.
  3. Search for <strong><img>. Within a line or so, you should also see </img></strong>
  4. Delete <strong> and </strong>, keeping the text between them.

You may want to repeat the search to see if this problem has happened elsewhere.
If these instructions are too technical, feel free to send us the complete book to repair.
If this happens again, or you can give us any idea what you might have done to get the book in this state, we’d be glad to know.