Folio Book Divisions For Large Bloom Book Projects

  1. Need to contact John Thomson to reassemble five Folio book divisions back into a single book that he divided last year for a large picture dictionary project that kept crashing. This format in Landscape orientation view is for Grades K-2.

  2. I would like to submit another picture dictionary to be divided into Folio books. This is the same dictionary in a different orientation and allows more entries per page in smaller print and pictures. This project is now slowing down and beginning to crash on a Windows XP desktop although it has fewer pages. This format in Portrait orientation view is for Grades 3-6.

Hi Jacqueline, this is JohnT. If you can zip up the folders that contain the books in question and put them somewhere I can get to and let me know where to find them, I’ll see what I can do.
If you need help doing that let me know.

Hi John,
Not sure if I did this right. Let me know if you did or didn’t get it. I’ll let you know how we want the pages divided after I know you got it.

Kagayanen-Filipino-English (796 Bytes)

Hi John,
Not sure if I did this right. Let me know if you did or didn’t get it. I’ll let you know how we want the pages divided after I know you got it.

I’m also posting it here in case you don’t get it at the site. See below.

Kagayanen-Filipino-English (796 Bytes)

Hi Jacqueline,

It looks like you’re writing to the wrong John. You want John Thompson. BTW what you zipped there was only a single file. JohnT asked for the entire collection, with all the book folders.

Thank you, John Hatton. Now I know why I haven’t heard back from John Thomson.

I will send him the entire collection books.

Sorry I didn’t reply again. I thought JohnH had covered the situation. I’m paying attention to this thread, and will try to help when I get the books.

John Thomson (not Thompson :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks JohnT for your email.

Yes, JohnH informed me that I only sent you one file instead of everything in the folder "Collection BL-7253. So I wasn’t ready yet.

Also, it looks like I still have some editing to do. Three books that I had already finished editing are now all out of wack, seeing red.

Is it possible that using an extra wide external Dell monitor with my Dell laptop while working in Bloom would throw off my Bloom

boxes when I go back to using my laptop without the monitor?

Hi Jacqeline,

Sorry something has happened to your books. Changing the monitor should not make any difference. There is a setting for paper size (in the bar at the top of the page when editing the book); changing page size could definitely affect text blocks overflowing, so you should check that it is set to the size you want. That’s the only idea I have.

I do recommend making regular backups. That way, if something seems to have changed unexpectedly, you can go back to the good version…or send us both for comparison if you think there may be a bug in the program.

Hi John,

I haven’t made any changes in the settings. I’ve been strictly doing edits for spellings and translations. It doesn’t happen to all the boxes and all texts. So possibly there could be something else going on in my formatting like extra unseen spakes. But if there is a text box overload, I should see a large red triangle for those pages. Back to the drawing board.

BTW, is there a limit on the number of folio books we can request? When I send you the version where the Portrait Orientation View is being used, this one is processed on a Windows XP desktop computer. Therefore it may need more books than I needed for my Dell Laptop. However, even the Dell crashed a few times if I moved around too much in a Folio book.

Thank you for your patience. The end is in sight.

If we get sufficiently annoyed by the number of folio books requested, we may get motivated to build a UI so you can do it yourself :-).


Oh I wouldn’t mind although I’ve no plans to make this a habit. You can tell by now I’m technologically challenged and aging as I write this. Would 5 books be stretching it?


Don’t worry about stretching us with this. Five won’t be a problem. My point was that if it starts to stretch us, we will probably find a way to let you do it without our help.


Hi John,

In that case, and enough of us are asking, I hope there will be a way to learn something that can benefit all of us. Sorry, I thought you were only joking

about developing a UI for us to make folio books. I hope to send you the two orientations in a few days. One for reassembling and one for separating.

Someone asked me today if the picture dictionary will be uploadable on the Bloom Library given it’s size?

Thank you for your patience,

Hi John,

We hope to be uploading very soon. The trilingual indexes is super challenging but it’s the final step before uploading.