Flex project does not synchronize

I can not synchronize my Flex project with Language Depot. It says that it is in standby mode, or that it is queued. I deleted and re-created the project and when I try to download it again, it throws the option to import Lift. could anyone there help me solve this?


Francisco - Brazil!

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for writing - can you please tell me the name of the project you are trying to sync on Language Depot and on Language Forge?



Bom dia Chris!

My project is “Wayampi Flex” (oym-flex).

It works flawlessly on Fieldworks.

Thanks for your help


Oi Francisco,

I have created a JIRA issue to track this and we will follow-up on the specific fix for your project there. You should have received an email to (re)set your password so that you can login to see the issue details. https://jira.sil.org/browse/LF-297

Tudo de bom,


Thanks Chris!!!

Tudo de bom!

Bom dia Chris! Vou estar offline por alguns dias. Eu irei para uma aldeia onde a internet é muito precária e não sei se vou conseguir acesso. Mas estou ansioso para meu projeto funcionando em Language Forge!