Fixing issues with Keyman and macOS Catalina

The latest version of Keyman has incorporated updates for macOS Catalina. We are using Catalina here, and as long as you click Allow for the prompts when Keyman requests them, it should work fine.

Download the latest version here:

If you continue to run into trouble, make sure your permissions have been configured correctly in System Preferences / Security & Privacy :

  1. In Files and Folders , allow Keyman to access Documents folder.
  2. In Accessibility , allow Keyman to control your computer.

Hi, Marc! Thanks for the time.
Keyman does not show up in either Files and Folders nor in Accessibility! It has its mark in input Monitoring (checked) which has no effect for its show in the listing in the language tab.
Downloaded just to run it on the one that I had installed, if balked (in the authenticate and replace phase of dropping in the app folder) to close running Keyman, which doesn’t show in ctrl+Comm+esc listing either!
Can’t be removed either as it is lurking somewhere! Now?!

It can sometimes be difficult to update Keyman on Mac when it is in use. What we normally advise in this situation is to restart your Mac, and before using Keyman at all, upgrade it.

This post didn’t help me. :weary:
Keyman was no show in Files and Folders & in Accessibility under Security and Privacy.
As there was no reference in my Uninstall (using CleanmyMacX) I downloaded the latest from , Could not install. Rebooted and retried. Reinstall doesn’t work (keyman no show in alt+Comm+esc. In summary, I can neither uninstall nor reinstall (the newer version)

Hi Andrew. What is your mac version? Could you send me the screenshot of what popped up and blocked when you are trying to install? Thanks.

I remember when I installed Keyman for macOS Mojave 10.14.6, I have to disable or kill the process of Keyman before being able to install the new version.

To do that, open the terminal and in the baseline write kill pgrep Keyman and then press Enter.

Hello, Makara!

  1. macOS Catalina Version 1O.15.1
  2. kill pgrep Keyman … I’ll get:
    MahOne:~ Andrew$ kill pgrep Keyman
    -bash: kill: pgrep: arguments must be process or job IDs
    -bash: kill: Keyman: arguments must be process or job IDs

Nothing happens on invoking the command.:upside_down_face:

I think the forum ate some of the punctuation. Try this:

kill `pgrep Keyman`

Thanks, Makara, for making Marc spot the spice! phofarsi was fed, but still, I’m jinxed. And jumping around a half dozen devices with almost 39C temp, I am going to have another tea!

On Mac and myths:
After I ejected two instances of Keynan on the finder, I tried my luck again. The phofarsi got installed and I immediately, before I forgot, added it through keyboards with full due rights, and then. this (brace yourself):
As soon as I choose Keyman off the languages in the Language bar, a pesky screen pops up! I can write but I have to tow away the annoying screen. Certainly a new bug in macOS Catalina Version 10.15.1. I have to change the language to get rid of the pop up. It does not close. There are serious issues that I will list and expand tomorrow. Despite the bumpy ride on the Mac, seeing Keyman is a welcome sight! image