"Find other display languages online" gives error message

In the Keyman Desktop Configuration, under “Display in:” there is an option to “Find other display languages online” but this just produces an error message saying “The keyboard file locale is invalid” (with a path to the locale file given). (running Version

How else can I check which languages the KDesktop can be used in?


Hi @Sara_M, welcome to the community!

I will investigate this issue early next week and hopefully find a quick resolution.

Hi Sara,

I’ve investigated this now. The list of display languages available is as shown when you install; while the “Find other display languages online” link is not currently working, we don’t actually have any other display languages available at present. This is something we are working on.

In terms of keyboard layouts, for typing in different languages, we have support for over 1,000 different languages, which you can see by clicking Download keyboard in Keyman Desktop Configuration.