Filler (flower) Picture Displays in Bloom Reader

The filler picture on the title page, as with all other pages, is the flower picture. If no picture is used to replace that picture, it prints as a blank space, but in the Reader app it displays as the flower picture.

Is there any way to tell Bloom Reader not to display this filler?

This is a bug. Bloom Reader should be consistent with the print version. If this is still happening with the latest version of Bloom Reader working on books made with the latest version of Bloom, would you please use Bloom’s ‘Report a Problem’ command (in the question-mark menu) so it gets into our system and can be dealt with?

Sorry about that.
The quickest workaround is probably to replace any of those placeholders with a transparent image.
You can get one here:

Thanks for these suggestions. Luckily, I haven’t updated in a little while, so I’m still running 4.4.1. Just to document, though, what happens when I used the transparent image that Andrew suggested, here are two screenshots of the results.

This one shows the book title (the last one) with a plain icon:

This one shows the book cover itself:

which shows as a black box.

Next, I’ll update, try again and post the results.

@Matt_A , if you did the Report a Problem, something went wrong because we don’t see it in our bug tracking system. Can you you it again?


Thanks for the reminder on this. I’ve retested this with a newer version of Bloom, and I’m getting the same results.

I’ve submitted the Problem Report.

Thanks so much,


We anticipate fixing this in a version which will be released in a few months.
However, we would appreciate if could you clarify if this is a real scenario in which you would like to produce a book with no image on the cover or more of a hypothetical scenario.

For the interior pages, if you’re using the placeholder image to fill a space in a layout, you could either just use a blank text box or, using “Change Layout”, use a section for which you do not select “Picture, Video, or Text”.

Sorry I’m just now getting back to this, Andrew.

This isn’t hypothetical. We are trying to build a private library for a local organization. They will want to access these on the Bloom Reader app, but I feel like the random flowers are a bit distracting.

I don’t think we’re having the issue on interior pages, as I think we’ve got plenty of content, but thanks for that tip, in case we run into that issue.

They will want to access these on the Bloom Reader app, but I feel like the random flowers are a bit distracting.

Sure, but what we’re curious about is, what is the situation in which you want to have books without a cover picture?

Yes. They will want to print eventually, and it would be good to have the option of no cover picture.

We are creating these based on handwritten resources that they have produced, most of which don’t have cover pictures, just titles.

Just a thought: If these books have illustrations in the interior pages,
you might choose one of the illustrations to place on the cover of each
book. People I work with regularly do this even for adult story books
(for which someone has hand-drawn in illustration or two). This makes it
easier to distinguish between different books at a glance and makes them
look inviting to read.

Thanks for the idea, Kim!