Fieldwork - problem with HiDPI screen (4k)

Hi, I use Fieldwork on Linux (Flatpak). I use a 4K screen and the program appears extremely small and is thus unusable on such a high resoluton. Is there a way to adjust the dpi or font size? I tried starting it with --force-device-scale-factor=1.5 but that did not change anything. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Remark: I also tried it on Windows with my 4K screen. On Windows, it is better scaled, but appears blurry.

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Windows Scaling
I just played with my 190 dpi screen and Windows Display Settings. With Display resolution=Recommended and Scaling=200% (Recommended), some things looked grainy, but no grainier than on any other 95 dpi monitor. I also tried 175% and 150%, which lost some clarity (as it must), but everything was still quite readable. How blurry was it for you?
In Windows Display Settings, under Scale and layout, I clicked “Advanced scaling settings” and turned off “Let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry,” but I didn’t notice a difference.

FieldWorks Font Sizes

  • In FieldWorks, choose Format > Styles… and edit the Normal style (this will affect all styles with an unspecified font size, so it will affect how all of your data appears).
  • Under the Font tab, choose a larger font size. (You can click the different Writing System names to choose different sizes for each.)
  • You can also change the UiElement style’s font size. This will affect some labels in Lexicon Edit and Interlinear Texts, but will not affect menus or other UI elements.

Dear Hasso,

thank you very much for your answer! I appreciate it! In Linux,
unfortunately, it does not scale at all. But I do have a dual boot
machine and on Windows, as you wrote, the UI looks bigger and the blur
effect is not that big - so I am still able to work with the software
without any issues.

I will continue to try some things in Linux. Will keep you updated.

In future, I will post on the google group.

Many thanks for your great software product and all the best

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