Field configuration - field reordering of custom fields does not seem to work

Hello all
In Fields > Edit fields I tried “Reordering fields” to reorder custom fields (presently shown before the senses on iOS simulator) below the sense, but in the I still have the fields above the senses in iOS Simulator.

Also I have tried to move it inside the senses (if for some reason it would be counted among the senses), towards after the examples, but that did not bring any change.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Is your data in LIFT or XHTML. If it is in XHTML then in Flex you could reorder it there.

If your data is in LIFT, you could could possibly reorder it there. What generated your source file?

I use a LIFT file, generated from FLEX.

Thank you, I was able to reorder it in my LIFT file for one entry, using the program “Aquamacs”.

I “manually” moved it after the senses.
Is there a way to systematically do this with all entries?

It is possible to use RegEx find and replace to move the content. Aquamacs I expect would have that.

Though that is dangerous if it breaks the XML.

If it was me I’d write an XSLT transformation to move the content safely to another place.

Okay, thank you. I’m not familiar with XSLT, but may be able to get help from colleagues in my language team.

Thank you and all the best!