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One thing I am curious to see in upcoming version of DAB is Feedback option in every entry.

If I have done any error in any entry (spell, glossary, example, etc), users must have right to report that error with correction. That must be in the bottom of every entry.

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I also would like to see this feature. Here’s what I wrote up about it before seeing this topic:

In SAB there is an Annotations tab on the Features page which you can configure to allow your app users to make Notes on verses that are selected, and then later on share those notes (via email with a given address and subject, or via other means).

It would be really good if you could add a similar functionality to DAB. It probably wouldn’t need to go down to the field level (at least for an initial implementation), but just being able to record a note on a given lexical entry would be very helpful. This would be one way to crowd-source collection of dictionary data without an Internet connection.

We realize that Language Forge is attempting to move towards a similar sort of functionality (commenting on lexical data), and possibly even moving towards an off-line way to do that. But that is probably a much larger programming task than adding Notes to DAB, especially since a good bit of the code is probably already available in SAB.

Thank you for your consideration!


This Option would be VERY VERY useful for our Work here in Chad!
This would allow a first step towards CROWD SOURCING.
As the comment option already exists in SAB, it is maybe not of a big deal!!

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I’m working with John, who (as you can tell) would be very happy to have this feature in DAB. We have found a “work-around”, if you want to call it that. We are creating an SAB app with lexical data! We just put the lexical data into a scripture SFM file like this:

\id Mimi
\c 1
\v 1 bal \k بَل\k* \tl n\tl* couteau \k سكِّین\k*
\v 2 baŋ \k بَݝ\k* \tl n\tl* rocher \k حجر\k*
\v 3 cüro \k چٌرٛو\k* \tl v\tl* donner naissance (pour les animaux) \k ولدت\k*

So we have lexeme (RS and AS), part of speech, and gloss (RS and AS). We use enough formatting SFMs (\k and \tl), to be able to define the Arabic font and to put in a little bit of italic to separate elements. This is what the test app looks like:

This allows users to comment on the “verses” and then send those comments via email, bluetooth, WhatsApp, etc. I’m hoping that SAB won’t balk at having better part of 1000 verses in this chapter…

John wrote to Ian to ask about this feature, and Ian seemed to indicate that all development efforts are going into SAB right now, not into DAB. I think that’s sort of a shame. I would think that implementing this commenting feature in DAB wouldn’t be a huge amount of work - since it is already implemented in SAB. And these recent issues around XHTML formatting not showing up correctly in the app (although it shows up fine in FLEx and if you just open the XHTML file that is created). Again, it seems like there might be some fixes that wouldn’t take a lot of effort to implement (like taking into account the Overrides.css). We are an organization that is supposed to provide “linguistic expertise” to our partners - it seems like investing in fixing a major dictionary publishing path should be on our radar. IMHO… :slight_smile:

If a feature is in the other app builders and not tied too closely to a different structure then it may be easier to implement.

You could use the \cp so you have a letter instead of a number in the chapter list.

\id Mimi
\c 1
\cp B
\v 1 bal \k بَل\k* \tl n\tl* couteau \k سكِّین\k*

I assume you are using \v x so that there is a specific reference for the word being commented on. You could use \li so you get a hanging indent that would make it more dictionary like rather than the \p or just copy the CSS from to div.p

Will it not be possible to add a button at the bottom of the entry for review response in DAB???

I was just playing around again and you can share a DAB entry. If you select a word by a long press then extend the selection to the whole entry you can then select share and the whole entry will be included in what is sent by the method you choose.

It is not as slick as SAB but it is doable.

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Perhaps this is not a viable option for you, but I understand that SIL’s Language Forge is trying to be the online crowd-sourcing tool for dictionaries. Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong. Just wanted to throw that out there.
I still thinking it would be a nice feature to have an easy-to-use feedback feature right in the app.