Feature request - links to pop-up images and pop-up text

I’m not sure if anyone else would see this as a useful feature, but I would love to have the possibility of hyperlinking a word and connecting it to an image that pops up when the user taps the word. I attempted it using the text feature that currently works for sound clips in RAB, but it doesn’t work for images or text files.

The idea is that if there is an app that talks about an object unknown to the end user, the app contains links to images of that particular object. For example, if I create an app in which I am referring to the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”, I would want the user to see an image of it so they understand what I’m referring to. Therefore, being able to insert: They visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Another example would be if I wanted to define a word that might be unknown to the end user, it would be nice to have a pop-up that contained the definition of the word. For example, if (for whatever reason) I refer to my “doppelgänger” in an app, the user could click a link that pops up a text box containing a definition of the word. For example: The man was convinced that Robert Redford was his doppelgänger and the doppelgänger.txt file had a text in it that said “a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.”

Does anyone else see this as a need?

BTW - my code disappears because it’s getting recognized as formatting, so I’m uploading an image of the text examples I refer to above.

You can use the Markdown format to link to internal pages or external links (with appropriate permissions)

Internal links can be to other pages but not to pictures. So If you have a page with the doppelganger text on it you can link to that.

However, if you use SFM for your source you would do better to use a footnote or a glossary markup. Look at the USFM documentation on footnotes and glossary items.

Putting an exclamation mark ! immediately in front of your second line of Markdown markup above would insert that picture into the text. Provided it was added as an illustration. The text is not displayed. If you want a subtitle then use the USFM \fig markup.

Hi Ian, Thanks for your help. The cheatsheet was awesome! One follow-up question. How do you link to another page in a RAB app? Is there a certain code? or is it something else?

Using the Markdown format [go to Book Id B001 chapter 2](B001.2)

Beautiful! Thank you Ian!

When I use the markdown markup to link to other pages in the book, aeneas interprets the period between the book name and the page number as a punctuation character that marks the end of a phrase, thus making the aeneas-generated timing files unusable. Can aeneas be told somehow to ignore “.” when it’s in markdown text?

Hi lan, is there any way to link a text to return to the main menu?

Markdown links can point to external web pages or to internal books, optionally chapters and optionally verses. If the link is internal then it is a popup that can be used to jump to that section.

There is no way I am aware of that can say jump to the menu.

Thaks for information.