Failed installation


I tried vainly to install wesay app on ubuntu. I got this failure message from the terminal: “Unable to locate package wesay.”

May someone help?

Hi Manfred,

Thanks for writing! Please try these instructions for installing the SIL software repository on Ubuntu and then try the installation again.




In fact, initially I followed all the instructions before I encountered the failure ; I went through both options (synaptic and apt-get) either told me the “GPG key is corrupt, the package is broken…” or “Unable to locate package wesay."

Hey Manfred,

Sorry about the trouble you are having here. Resources haven’t been allocated to continue supporting WeSay at this time, and so it’s not currently installable in Ubuntu 20.04. It is installable in Ubuntu 18.04, however. So if you use an Ubuntu 18.04 machine and follow the steps at you should be able to install and use wesay.

Depending on what you have already done, you may need to do the items in “Enable access”, and then you can run sudo apt update && sudo apt install wesay

BTW, you may need to run wesay from the commandline to launch WeSay if the launcher icons aren’t the right thing.

Please let me know if you still have trouble installing WeSay in Ubuntu 18.04. I know the above is not a great solution, and I’m sorry about that.


I use Ubuntu 21.04. But I can install Ubuntu 18.04 beside it.

Thank you!