Exporting to Flextxt

Half of my students are unable to export to FLEx interlinear text format. I’m not sure what is going on. They have FLEx projects set up. They are using the correct languages, it seems. But the only file they can export has ONLY the extension WAV. No error message. Nothing else. But no option for flextxt. I and one or two of them has had no problem … but the rest, nothing. Any idea of what is wrong?

The kind of file that can be exported to Flextxt is an eaf (ELAN) file. Check to see if your students have selected such a file. If they have, and the menu below doesn’t offer “FLEx Interlinear Text”, please share a sample project with us and we’ll take a look.


The option is there (as you show), but then in the filename that is automatically provided for the exported file — unlike on my computer and on one other — only the simple extension WAV appears for the file in question, which is of course not going to work.

Steve, can you share one of these projects with me, e.g. via dropbox or google drive or whatever? At a minimum, you could share the .eaf file and we’ll see if that is enough to reproduce the problem.

Working on it…. The first person I asked (from the problem group) all of a sudden could export. I’ve asked her what changed… Now waiting for answer. And I’m locating another person.

If your default veiw in windows explorer does not show the extensions, then
you would not see the .flextext and it will appear to end in .wav
But it will import.

Aha. That may be it. Or … must be it. I’ll check with the students when I see them again later today.