Exporting semantic domains from WeSay to Lexique Pro

How do I include the semantic domain number from WeSay when I export my rough draft of an RWC to Lexique Pro?

Hi Graham,
I just checked: the LIFT file that WeSay exports and gives to Lexique Pro does contain the semantic domain:

<sense id="08998f7a-2e49-4c19-977e-fc7b9e28b0e1">
		value="1 Universe, creation" />

However Lexique Pro doesn’t appear to read or use that. You could contact Richard via the Lexique Pro About page about that.

But you can also work around this problem if you instead explicitly export an SFM (i.e. Toolbox) file, and then import that into Lexique Pro, using WeSay’s “Export to SFM” option. That should get you something like

\lx cosmos
\sd   1 Universe, creation
\dt 24/Jul/2018

Which, in my test, Lexique pro automatically recognized:


Thank you John for your very fast reply. I’ll give your work around a go. I knew that there had to be a good reason for it not working! blessing - Graham