Exporting flex interlinear text for text and word in flex

Hey I am trying to export my saymore trancriptions as flex texts but it gives me this error

even though I have an updated verision of flex. I don’t know what languages it is talking about, but I should have them anyway. I just do english since that is all it gives me after the error. then when I try to import it into flex it says that it is not in a flextext interlinear format.
any help to get my transcriptions into the text and word section of flex? thanks

Sorry about that.
The good news is that we recently found this ourselves and created an issue for it: https://jira.sil.org/browse/SP-1826.
The bad news is I’m not sure when this will get worked on and the developer I would expect to work on it is on a partnership development trip currently.

Thanks for letting me know!

I’m back now and will try to look at this today.


A fix is ready and should be available in version 3.2.9 whenever the team decides that the other work (related to IMDI archving) is ready for show time.

@luke_thek, would you be able to try out our nightly build and verify that it works for you? Click here and when prompted, click “Login as guest”. Thanks!