Exporting a SayMore project to RAMP/REAP?

Does anyone know of a way to export a SayMore project for archiving on REAP, without having to do it session-by-session?

I actually did it the session-by-session way a few years ago, and only ended up archiving about 40 of my 110 sessions. Now my supervisor is asking if I can archive several SayMore corpuses that he is working on, each measuring 4gb or more with 1000+ entries. Yikes!

OR is there anyone else out there who is in the same situation, and would be interested in working with me to help the programmers design something like this?

Thanks for your help!

I should mention that I have already been in communication with a few big names in Language Documentation, and they sent me here to see what I can find. I did get a lead from John Hatton, suggesting that I/we get on the next “prioritization round” as the programmers decide what they’re going to work on next. So we’ll see where that goes, and I’m happy to include anyone who would be interested in contributing to such a discussion!

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