Export Careful speech

• When we are using Careful Speech to correct the story, we have to do quite a trick to now export the corrected recording. What we do is, we play the careful speech file, we then remove the original track, we truncate silence in the corrected track, and export that is MP3. This is very tedious. Would it not be possible for SayMore to export the careful speech as an MP3, without the original track and without the pauses?
I have posted this request before. I am curious if any developer is reading this?

Hi Irene,

I have posted this request before. I am curious if any developer is reading this?

Yes. SayMore is not currently in active development, and you are using it for a task that it wasn’t designed for. So it can be difficult to get a programmer re-assigned to add a new feature. But it’s good to keep after us, we do appreciated hearing from you, and I’ll see if there is something I can do.


Thank you for responding, it is good to know that it has been read.
Even though it isn’t designed for this, it works great for storying - apart from those things I have mentioned! I have probably close to hundred people using the SayMore/OSE combination in India alone - and this number keeps growing. There would be a lot more across the rest of Asia, and I assume the whole world. We are mostly in great need for a full time developer for OSE , but our lives would become easier if SayMore could also be developped. Some people we work with don’t have so much computer skills and struggle with the extra steps.

@Irene we have a volunteer programmer starting in January, and your request is high on our list for him to work on.

Oh! that’s exciting. I am glad to hear this! Thanks!

Hello there, I’m curious if there has been any progress on this? Eagerly waiting for it!

Yes, this feature is in the current SayMore, 3.1.5:


great to hear that, thanks!