EuroLatin (SIL) Keyboard

There is still a problem with the EuroLatin (SIL)-keyboard. I installed this keyboard (version 1.9.5) in
Keyman (version 14.0.280). The keyboard-language is German. After activating the EuroLatin-keyboard,
it is possible to set up nearly all symbols + letter (for example ^a). It is strange that both the symbols
’ + letter and " + letter do not work as expected, i.e. for ’ + a you will receive 'a etc. When I push the
'-button, on my keyboard (for example in MS-Word), the , (comma) is displayed in MS-Word. Similarly,
when I push the "-button, I will receive the quotaion marks at the bottom of the line.

This case can be closed.

Can you explain a bit as to why this case can be closed? Have you found a workaround or is it a false alarm?

Or is it similar to this topic: Problem mit EuroLatin (SIL)-Tastatur?

Hello Markara,

yesterday I received an email from Eberhard Beilharz. He wrote that the problem could be solved by switching off the “smart quotes”. So, I switched the “smart quotes” off.

Having this done, I tested again the EuroLatin (SIL)-keyboard and saw that the problems that I mentioned in my cases, are solved. Therefore both cases can be closed.

Remark: Originally I wrote my first case in German language and did not receive any answer. Then, yesterday I wrote the same problem in English language, and I received an email

from Eberhard Beilharz. Please note that I am not familiar with the Keyman-Community-Forum; for example I could not close the cases.

Best regards



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I’m closing the issue, but you could also do this yourself: click the pencil next to the title and under “optional tags” select “resolved”.