Ethiopic (Geez/Amharic) Keyboard Layouts Help?


I was wondering how to create Amharic keyboard using the keyman software, particularly creating the deadkeys. For example, in some keyboard layouts, the Ethiopic syllable ሄ is usually produced by pressing the following sequences:

h,i,e = ሄ
h,e,e = ሄ
h + Shift + E = ሄ

So how can one produce the letter ሄ by pressing h followed by “i” and “e” keys (h,i,e) or by pressing h followed by double e (h,e,e)?

I tried to design a layout on the keyman software but kept getting errors when trying to test the layout. Thanks.

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I am guessing slightly here but I think perhaps the problem is you are thinking in terms of key sequences, whereas Keyman works in terms of an context + keystroke mapping to output. I’d suggest starting with the following help topic: Using Rules

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask – it can help to include sample code that you are working with and exact error messages you receive.

Thank you very much for your reply, Marc! I’ll look into your suggestions, and the error I’ve been getting is as follows:

mKeyboard.kmn: Failure: ‘C:\Users\ye690\OneDrive\Desktop\mKeyboard.kmn’ was not compiled successfully for Windows, macOS, Linux, Desktop devices.

There is usually some text before that line; if present, that part is likely to be more useful for us here.