Errors trying to build PWA on Mac

Hello, I’m trying to build PWA on a Mac using the latest DAB 11.3, and I get the following errors. I will try it also on Windows. line 5: cd: appbuilder-pwa: No such file or directory

*** 11.3 ***

*** Building PWA ***

App Project: Language Dictionary
App Name: Language Dictionary
Analytics: No
Expiry: No
App Builder: /Applications/Dictionary App

*** NPM Version *** line 21: npm: command not found

*** NPM Install ***
Installing dependencies… line 25: npm: command not found

*** NPM Build *** line 28: npm: command not found

Copying PWA to output folder
cp: build/: No such file or directory

/Users/user/App Builder/Dictionary Apps/PWA Output/

total 0

real 0m0.240s
user 0m0.005s
sys 0m0.014s

Hi Will

From my understanding, the PWA builder is designed for SAB and is not supported in DAB, even though the option appears.

Have you considered using Webonary to create a web version of the dictionary?

(I have created a Python script that can create a basic website version of the app from a DAB project built with .xhtml files. It does not yet support PWA)


Thanks for letting me know Daniel. I’ve already build a web version that imports from FLEx, I just wanted to see what the PWA would look like. Are there any future plans to make the PWA build in DAB?


Hi Will,

I believe there are plans, and I don’t know the timeline, but as far as I am aware it is not currently being worked on.



Sorry about the confusion with PWA being visible in 11.2 and 11.3. I have re-released 11.3 without the PWA feature being visible.

We will be working on a PWA for DAB this fall (as a Liberty University senior capstone project). I would appreciate your prayers for the team who will be working on it. Also we will be looking for people to get feedback on the projects of the work during the year.

Anyone interested in working with us to give feedback, please email me at


Chris Hubbard