Error syncing with

I have a project I would like to work on using LanguageForge. It is already on LanguageDepot. org. I imported it into FLEx, but when syncing with Languageforge. org, I get this error: “‘heb-en’ is not a FLEx project. Can only synchronize with FLEx projects.”

Any advice about how to resolve this?

Oh, and just to clarify, the project was created in WeSay, synced to Language Depot .org and then synced to FLEx.

Hi Daniel,

Sorry this is answer is so short. FLEx has two types of s/r: LIFT S/R and FLEx s/R. In order to use language forge you need to use FLEx send /receive. I know it’s confusing. If this is a WeSay project that syncs with FLEx, then you probably need to create an additional language Depot project for flex <-> flex s/r which you can use with language forge.

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Thanks, @chris_hirt. In light of your response, I see now on the Language Depot instructions about how to set this up to work with Language Forge. I will work on getting a new project set up. Thanks again.