Error in creating a touch keyboard


I’m helping someone create a touch layout in Keyman Developer. However, when compiling the keyboard we get the following error "Warning: line 0 warning 2092: Key “T_new_111” on layer “default”, platform “tablet”, is a custom key but has no corresponding rule in the source.

This seems to be in reference to a difference between the generation of the same key on desktop and touch (doubletap/rota on desktop, touch-hold on touch). What can we do to fix this issue, any ideas?



Would you like to try changing “T_new_111” to something different? And you may want to make sure that there is only one underscore in the name.

This warning indicates that you have a key on your tablet touch layout that
has no output because it has no associated rule in the Layout section. A
T_… key has no default output. Is this what you are intending?

If there is a rule specified for the given key, then can you share the
keyboard source so we can understand the cause of the issue more clearly?

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If you rename the key to something like U_0259 then it will output the Latin schwa. Otherwise, the key needs to already be represented in the keyboard. If the name of the “Key” is “K_Q” then it will output the character your keyboard has assigned to “K_Q” (“Q” key).