Error and weird crashes on KD 13

Hi all
I am using Keyman developer
I have been having crashes that are supposed to kill app process but when I click “exit application”, only crash dialogue box closes. Keyman continues to work normally;
Some of the errors:
On Compiling: 400A Invalid token found chr:11
On test keyboard: Unable to start debugger. Make sure KD is correctly installed (he error code was 0000000).
I need some help please.
Thank you all.

Welcome to the community.

Do you have Keyman Desktop (Keyman Desktop 13.0) installed?

Hi Makara
Thank you very much for replying. I actually have the same exact version of Keyman Desktop
Ibrahima (not really new to the community :wink:

Hi @ibrahima are you still having this issue?

Hi @makara
I haven’t worked on desktop keyboards since. I was scared to mess up my work again. So I only worked on touch-screen.
Maybe there are things I did not do correctly, but I’ve had issues when I create an all platform keyboard, which really is keyman’s strength.

In that case, we can have another remote session to put an end to the issue you are facing. :slight_smile:

It turns out that the .kmp didn’t install the keyboard for Windows because .kmx was not included in the .kps.

This build (pulaar_fulfulde_2021.kmp (619.1 KB) ) is now having both .kmx (the desktop layout) and .kvk (the OSK). Also, I’ve added the Icon, so it’s easier to identify the keyboard.

When initiate the installation, this should be shown and the keyboard should work as expected.

Tested three keys on my QWERTY based physical keyboard, i.e. a, q and w. The outputs are as shown below. The OSK should look like so.

@Marc There was a weird behavior when testing the keyboard on Developer on Ibrahima’s machine. The underlying layout changes itself to match that of the windows keyboard being selected. Is that an expected behavior?

Here is a link to the source of the keyboard for testing purposes: GitHub - MakaraSok/keyboards at pulaar_fulfulde

Can you give me some examples?

You can load the keyboard and make sure you have a windows keyboard installed, say French windows keyboard. In Keyman Developer, stay on Layout and now switch the keyboard to French to see the issue.

The keyboard seems to work well for me when testing within Keyman Developer and on Windows. Something is weird on @ibrahima’s side rendering him unable to develop the keyboard layout for Desktop.

@Ibrahima, feel free to add to this thread if anything details are missing on this issue.

I see. That is by design in Keyman Developer – it allows you to see the keyboard design with reference to the keyboard you are using.

This point is key and affects the collaboration on keyboard development. We might want to include an option to toggle this on and off because the KD will not show the same layout when loaded on a machine with different physical keyboards, say US vs French.

Also, if possible, we might want to have a note somewhere within the KD UI that the Layout shown is based on which.

@ibrahima This solves the mystery of the change in layout. If you have further question on this issue or any related one, do not hesitate to voice out.

Thank you friends,
Actually, it should not allow switching keyboards when we know the layout we are using (say QWERTY). Sometimes, I quit KD for a minute to respond to a chat say, in French (AZERTY). When I come back to KD I don’t want my layout to have switched to AZERTY just because I’ve just used it.
We should have an option to keep the layout unchanged once we have selected the template.
Hope I explained well.
Also we need a template to match the European Layour with the “big ass” enter key (attachment)

Again, thank you.

Thank you for the feedback @makara and @ibrahima. Would you be willing to turn this feedback into issues on

Make sure that you list each feedback point into a separate issue (i.e. the template should be separate to the base layout issue).