EPUB import


I’ve got some picture story books which were created in InDesign. We exported an EPUB from InDesign, added audio, and are running into issues with EPUB 3 readers on Android. So I’m curious if Reading App Builder might provide us a nicer path to picture story books on Android.

I was impressed to see that Reading App Builder can import EPUB files. But our pages display in the app at 1/2 the screen width and 1/2 the screen height, i.e., everything’s in the top-left quarter of the screen. Pictures, text, it’s all laid out more-or-less exactly as specified in the original EPUB, except that it doesn’t take up the whole screen in the app.

Does anyone have suggestions for what I could look at to fix this?


Is there any change when you alter the text size?

What was the pixel dimensions of the original picture in the above example page. You seem to be displaying it on a fairly large screen. Are the dimensions set in the epub?

Thanks for the suggestions.

When I double the text size, the larger text is displayed correctly, extending beyond the bounds of the image.

When I try it on a smaller screen (my phone), the page fills the screen, and then some; it’s actually slightly larger than my screen and I have to scroll to see the edges. The tablet screen is the same resolution as the screenshot I posted: 1200x1920; my phone screen is 540x960.

If you’re looking for nice picture books on Android, you definitely also need to consider Bloom and the Android App; ‘Bloom Reader’. Check out our website if you’re interested in downloading a few samples.


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