Entries missing after import from Language Depot

I have just tried again to import a project from Language Depot. There are entries missing. In FLEx (just done Send/Receive) I have 2120 entries. Language Forge reports 1220.
I had exactly the same count before. So I deleted the project from Language Forge and imported it afresh.
What might be going wrong?

Hello Robert,

I took a look at your project. It looks like Language Forge is failing on the word Vetter, which has an “Import Residue” field that Language Forge isn’t handling correctly. It looks like that is the only “Import Residue” field in your project, and it doesn’t contain any useful data, so it should be safe to delete the contents of that field in FLEx and then do another Send/Receive so that that change gets sent to Language Depot. At that point, Language Forge should be able to import the project correctly and get all 2120 entries.


Robin Munn
Language Forge developer

Hi Robin

Thanks for diagnosing this. I deleted the Import Residue content, did a send receive, deleted my Language Forge project and created it again. Now it shows 2120 entries.

I am happy this is now sorted.