Enable Enterprise users to create a .bloomshelf file and .bloombundle without library bookshelf

Enterprise users are able to “Make All BloomPUBs from Collection” but the process is tied to having an Bloom Library bookshelf that one can upload to. The ability to specify the bookshelf name is limited to choosing from the existing online bookshelf names. Instead, an Enterprise user should be able to create a .bloomshelf file and .bloombundle without reference to the online bookshelves and name the bookshelf anything he/she wants. Since this is about creating files for Bloom Reader, it should have no necessary connection to the Library bookshelves.

Hi Paul,
Can you give us an example of where the BloomLibrary bookshelves don’t match up with the desired Bloom Reader bookshelves? It would help me to understand how these are being used.

Missed this. It is certainly the case that Bloom Enterprise customers with well-developed, nested bookshelves on bloomlibrary.org would usually package books according to that same structure for their offline Bloom Reader users. Here are other possible uses:

  1. Those who don’t have sub-shelves on bloomlibrary.org (e.g., SIL LEAD) but might want to package content in shelves for Bloom Reader users.

  2. Bloom Enterprise users who are developing custom sets of books to distribute directly to Bloom Reader users in some grouping or organizational scheme specific to the situation and not necessarily useful for a global audience.

Perhaps my request is related to seeing Bloom Reader “shelves” as more like folders that books are in, and a folder structure depends on the situation and the audience you’re organizing books for, while the bloomlibrary.org bookshelves are a general scheme for most users, not related to any specific context of use.