Embedding and Modifying

First of all, I don’t really get the point of what is the different between embedding and modifying really is as every software and format has their own way to do that. One thing I know is, referencing or embeding is allowed for commercial purpose. My question is what if I use fonts under OFL license and then change the color, size, spacing, add shadow, text effect, etc in order to create a webpages that will be sold on marketplace. The final format is .psd file, anyone who buy that file can change the content properly as long as on his computer has installed that fonts. If not, I tell him to download on internet and install the fonts. Do it considered as embedding or modifying or distributing? Is it allowed?

The OFL-FAQ covers these questions:

Distributing only graphics (logos, artistic images, etc.) produced using OFL fonts and not the fonts themselves is allowed and no license or acknowledgement is needed. See OFL-FAQ question 1.1.

Distributing documents that reference fonts that may or may not be installed on the user’s machine (Word files, .psd that modifable font references) is allowed and no acknowledgement is needed. You’re not distributing the font itself.

Distributing documents in which OFL fonts are embedded is allowed and no acknowledgement is needed. See OFL-FAQ question 1.11 and following.

It sounds like you are doing one of the three above things, all of which are allowed.

Thank you, It help me a lot.