Elevator pitch

Dear Bloom friends, Because of having little to no interest among my native speaker friends in writing/creating bloom books, I have decided to raise money to pay certain writers a certain amount to create these books. Do any of you have an “elevator speech” you could send me on the benefits of bloom books and why it is important to help native speakers produce books in their own language? I need a 1 sentence elevator pitch, a 3 sentence elevator pitch, and a 10-sentence elevator pitch. Thanks, Craig

Interesting challenge! Here’s my attempt.

  • People need books in their own language to affirm their identity, preserve their language, and share their thoughts and stories in the languages they value the most.

  • In thousands of communities, there are no books at all in people’s languages, and in fact they are often told theirs isn’t a real language. Having books in a language builds pride and a sense of worth for speakers of minority languages. Bloom makes it easy for people with little experience with technology to create their own books and share their stories in their own language.

  • All around the world, people love their languages but have few or no books for them and their children to read. Even if there is education in their language, without an abundance of books at varying levels of challenge, children will not develop reading fluency or a love for reading. Bloom books enable people to tell their stories in their own language, pass down oral traditions in a written form, and take people step by step toward proficiency in reading. In an increasingly connected world, authors can use Bloom to create digital books that can be read online or on phones and tablets, no matter where they live. Bloom can make “talking books” that even parents who do not know how to read can enjoy with their children. And all of this using free, open-source, easy to use software that can create books in any language and any script.

Paul, this is excellent. Thanks so much. I have a friend who has an MBA and experience in non-profit consulting, who will look at these (and hopefully other feedback that I get from other bloom users) and give us his input and suggestions on these so that we can use these elevator pitches for fundraising for our respective projects. Craig