Editing Find and replace within a book, or even within a collection

As spellings, perhaps even orthographies (haven’t faced that, but theoretically quite possible) change, it would be so handy to just find/replace within a book, at the least. Perhaps even within a collection.

Thanks for the feature request Beth.

While you’re waiting for this, if you really really need it, here is a way to get it done (for the careful and semi-technical):

  1. Install Visual Studio Code. Nevemind that is is for programmers, it’s free, fast, great editor that can handle replacing over whole folders.
  2. Quit Bloom
  3. Backup your collection in case you replace something on accident.
  4. In Windows Explorer Right-click on your Bloom Collection folder and choose “Open with Code”
  5. Ctrl+Shift+H to open the replacement tool
  6. Enter your search and replacement terms. You may not use any of the following characters or you will break your Bloom book: <,>, &
  7. In “Files to include”, type *.htm
  8. Decide what you want for the “Match whole word” and “Preserve Case” options.
  9. You can now hover the mouse over each change to approve it. Or if you think it is safe to do so, you could change everything in one click on “Replace All”.

Long words, or words with non-English characters should be safe. What is VERY NOT SAFE is if you change something in the Bloom file other than your language text. For example if you changed all occurrences of “pag” to “pàg”, this will destroy your book because when Bloom looks for a “bloom-page”, it will no longer find it. By carefully going through each change one-by-one instead of using “Replace All”, you can make sure you are only changing what should be changed.

Here is a quick screen recording showing this process: