Easy licensing and test app building and other ideas

I opened Inkscape to design a logo for an app. I saw that they have a small licencsing section in the data settings. See picture below (in German).

I wonder if something like that can show up in the S/R/D/KAB new app building wizard. Also there could be a “hook” for test apps, which automatically will will set the settings in the app to make it unsharable, expire after a day or two days…

Also in SAB, you can choose a different Organization to put in the copyrights very easy (choose from different BTOs). Can there be something implemented to put in the copyright information of the organisation(s) the user works with most, and change that somewhere in the settings? Where do I have to go (on Linux) to put in that kind of information by hand?

Thank you, Andi

Andi, if you have a vote left vote for this.

Setting your default Copyright would seem best set in the Tools > Settings. Good idea.

The License section would have a form to select one of several Creative Commons or other license options. Or at least a setting to set a default option.