Easily identify audio files

I’d love the ability for the layperson to easily identify which audio file is associated with what text. Is there a way to create an option in the software to see the name of the audio file (like “show in finder”)? When working on a talking book sometimes the audio needs to be edited and since the files get renamed when imported into Bloom as a long string of numbers and letters we have to go through each file individually and listen to them until we find the right one. It’s even more challenging if it’s in a language that you don’t speak! This would save a lot of time.

Hannah, try this: right click on the book and click “Open in Firefox.” The page will open in a new window. In that window, right-click on the sentence you want audio for. A window full of html should open, with something like this selected:

<span id="i8de191c0-d3e2-42d1-abc3-d62bcdd8264e" class="audio-sentence ui-audioCurrent" recordingmd5="undefined" data-duration="3.761568">The text of your sentence is here.</span>

The value in quotes following the “id=” is the name of the file for that sentence.

You will have to install Firefox for this to work, if you don’t have it already.