Downloads Size of Bloom Books

The size of Bloom books available for downloads are ever so large. A few pages can run into Megabytes in size. Ebooks in other formats will normally be smaller. Is there no way these books can be compressed to make them smaller for downloads?

Hi Katelem,
It would be interesting to do an apples to apples comparison. Can you point me to a book in a different format that you would like us to compare?


I mean that if I type the same story in MS Word, with images, and convert to PDF, the size will be smaller, in few hundred kb. But in Bloom book, the same story will be in Megabytes.

One can confirm by using the Publish Tab to build a book in different format such as .pdf, .epub, .bloom, etc. The .bloom is always larger than the other formats, and it’s the .bloom that goes to the bloom library and gets downloaded into the Bloom Reader.