Downloading a keyboard for iPad (maybe other IOS devices)

I’ve been trying to download a customized keyboard that I created on my laptop.
I already did all of the procedures for transferring to an iPad (the .kmp file)
But every time that I try to open it in the Keyman app, the app just closes.
Can someone help me with it? (I never used keyman, that’s my first time.)

(Already installed and uninstalled the app, tried to open through the app, and already tried to open in the Archives app too.)

Welcome to the community.

Can you zip your keyboard project folder and share it with me via Google Drive or DropBox? I’m wondering if the keyboard was created and optimized for touch devices, i.e. iOS and Android. In theory, the keyboard should be installed on the respective OSes if it has been developed so accordingly.

A keyboard must have a language associated with it in the .kps file in order for the keyboard to work on a mobile device. I’ve sometimes found that is the problem with being able to install a keyboard on a mobile device.

Of course, despite what @makara and @Lorna have written, the app should not be crashing when you attempt to install the keyboard! I hope we can get to the bottom of this with the keyboard you share :grin:

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