Double diacritics

A literacy specialist working in Mexico with the Chatina language community wants to use Bloom but needs to type letters with double diacritics, which are not available in the Bloom program. These are the letters: ǘ ǟ ē .

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,
Kristine Trammell

Hi Kristine,

Keyman works fine with Bloom and it’s free now!

  In fact, Bloom has code to disable its own longpress special

characters if it detects Keyman running on your computer. I’m
guessing that ILV (SIL Mexico) has a keyboard already available to
work with such double diacritics.


By the way, in case you don’t know about this feature, Bloom does allow you to type some special characters (including ē) by holding down a related letter’s key (e in the case of ē) until a list of special characters comes up. The user then selects the desired special character using the mouse or by selecting the appropriate letter shortcut.

But ǘ ǟ are not currently part of this feature.

Yes, thank you! This is a great feature! Now it just needs to
include doubled diacritics.