Dogra script keyboard developing

Using Keyman Developer, I designed Dogra script keyboard. (Unicode Range: 11800-1183B)
This keyboard worked well on my computer.

So, I added Noto Serif Dogra font in my KPS package and made a KMP file to use. But when installing my Dogra keyboard on my Android phone, the keyboard did not display letters.

Please guide me how to solve this problem.

Hi @JoshuaWillow,

Welcome to the Keyman community.

Have you created a layout for touch devices? I can help and look into the issue if you could DM me your keyboard project folder?

So, I added Noto Serif Dogra font in my KPS package…

When you added the .ttf font to the kps package, did you assign the font as “keyboard font” and “display font” on this step? This will be on the keyboards tab of the Keyman Developer package editor:

Thank you. I assigned the font as “keyboard font” and “display font”, and it worked. @darcy