Does Keyman Support M1 Mac?

I was trying to install Keyman on M1 Mac and got this error report:

Does it mean we can’t install Keyman on an M1 Mac?

At this point, we haven’t added support for M1. We are waiting for budget to purchase an M1 mac for our team in order to build and test an update.

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Hi @Marc,
Thanks for your explanation. I’m sorry to hear you are still waiting for budget to purchase an M1. Do you have a fundraising project? I can help spread the word and contribute a bit (though not much, as I’m still a student doing TA work).

Thanks @martinacc :slight_smile: We have a donation website at (also a link on the home page). Any support is greatly appreciated – we survive on donations!

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Thanks, @Marc.
I’ve made a small donation and will share the information.


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Thank you! Every donation helps!

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Problem solved!

It turns out M1 Macs need to install Rosetta first in order to install Keyman. Here is how:

  1. Open
  2. Copy and Paste this command into “softwareupdate --install-rosetta” (without quotes)
  3. Hit “return”.
  4. When it says “Install of Rosetta 2 finished successfully”, you may close and install Keyman.

After install Keyman, you may need to set the configurations for Keyman: How to configure macOS security options for Keyman

Hope it helps others who might encounter the same issue.

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Thanks, that’s a helpful stopgap until we have full support!

We are planning to include full support for M1 in Keyman 15 and may port it back to version 14 if it’s not too tricky.

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Tracking resolution to this at

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We have a fix in the pipeline which we will back port, hopefully to Keyman 14.0.281.

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Thanks, @Marc.
That’s exciting!

The fix has been merged will land in 15.0.118 (tonight) and 14.0.282 (scheduled for next week).