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Dear Language Forge users,

If you are using Language Forge to develop a dictionary and it is helping you, we,the developers, would like to hear from you! This software is made available freely to the world, compliments of SIL. We would greatly appreciate hearing some stories from you about how Language Forge is helping you do your tasks better. What is working well? How has the software affected your project and your language community in a positive way? Most of our feedback is bug reports and what isn’t working, so it would be nice to get some positive feedback from the community. If you would like to share a story to the developers, but not publicly, please write to to send us a note that won’t be published.

Thank you in advance for sharing!


One team I introduced it to was formerly compiling a dictionary in a word processing program. I converted the document and imported into Language Forge and now this team in West Asia is able to edit and add to their dictionary using Language Forge. They really appreciate it.

Another team I introduced it to which I referred to in my last email is using it. Most of the team is located in Sweden, but one lady is living in West Asia and is able to update the dictionary quickly and easily using Language Forge.

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We’re just now beginning to create accounts for mother-tongue speakers to contribute to an existing FLEx lexicon, via Language Forge. I really appreciate the way Language Forge is designed to be entirely web-based. That makes it accessible on mobile phones, which is the way most members of our language group access the internet.