Do Keyman keyboads support word selection from drop-down word list?

Does Keyman support word lists? For example, similar to the interface on Try Google Input Tools online – Google Input Tools

One of the challenges of typing on Devnagari keyboards is not knowing the exact spelling of words, especially due to Devanagari having similar short and long vowels. But any language would probably benefit from having a word list option.

The closest topic I could find was Lexical Models (Lexical models) but I could not find example usage or if it integrates with Keyman keyboards to provide a user-selectable drop-down word list.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.

Lexical models is what you would want to investigate using. The language tag that you use in your keyboard should be the same as the language tag you use in your lexical model.

Note that lexical models work with touch versions of the keyboard (for tablet or phone).

Keyman does have IME support for desktop keyboards, but it is not a widely used feature. See for an example.

Yes, we do want to generalize the IMX feature which runs only on Windows at present (with limited support for desktop web), but we have some way to go before this would be generally available. The current version of IMX has not been updated for many years as we have been focusing on other areas.

The intent would be to create a cross-platform solution that is extensible – basic wordlist picker would be straightforward and probably interop with lexical models, but we’d provide access for more sophisticated processing such as is done in the CS-Pinyin keyboard.

See also this draft pull request for public source for CS-Pinyin.

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