Do I have copyright to end result of creation/s made using OFL fonts?

I apologize if this is obvious.
But I am not sure.

Please read the OFL-FAQ. Here is one relevant portion:

Question: 1.1 Can I use the fonts for a book or other print publication, to create logos or other graphics or even to manufacture objects based on their outlines?

Answer: Yes. You are very welcome to do so. Authors of fonts released under the OFL allow you to use their font software as such for any kind of design work. No additional license or permission is required, unlike with some other licenses. Some examples of these uses are: logos, posters, business cards, stationery, video titling, signage, t-shirts, personalised fabric, 3D-printed/laser-cut shapes, sculptures, rubber stamps, cookie cutters and lead type.

Question: 1.1.1 Does that restrict the license or distribution of that artwork?

Answer: No. You remain the author and copyright holder of that newly derived graphic or object. You are simply using an open font in the design process. It is only when you redistribute, bundle or modify the font itself that other conditions of the license have to be respected (see below for more details).

Question: 1.1.2 Is any kind of acknowledgement required?

Answer: No. Font authors may appreciate being mentioned in your artwork’s acknowledgements alongside the name of the font, possibly with a link to their website, but that is not required.

i apologize again, i think i read it but it kind of don’t make sense when i read them…