Display name for "Unlisted Language"

A user writes:

Our team is creating the first book ever made in [our language]. It’s not currently recognized as a language, which is why it’s not on the list. We would like to know how to override, delete, or cover up the “Unlisted Language” statement on the cover and the title page. Please let me know how we could go about doing that.

You can change the language display name in the settings:

Thank you! I had visited this section but didn’t get it quite right. I appreciate your help - it worked!

@andrew_polk Our Indian Sign Language books right now are listed as English and ISL is noted in the title to distinguish it from the English only version. The book contains ISL followed by the English, so if I could only pick one language, I would have labelled the book ISL. Does it make sense to rename as you have indicated above?

While it would change the language name at the bottom of the cover page as you hope, I cannot recommend doing that because you will be creating a mismatch between the English text and how it is labelled in Bloom. For example, after that, each English text box will be labelled with “Indian Sign Language” while editing the book. The controls in the publish tab will also become confusing.

We have plans to add the sign language name to the cover. It is close to the top of the list for Bloom 5.4.

I’d like to add one recommendation. When working with an unlisted language, “qaa” is just one of the codes you can use. You can choose anything from “qaa” to “qtz”, like “qab” or “qcc”. Doing this will make it so the language is distinguished from other unlisted languages. Here’s how you can do that:

Doing this will make it so the unlisted language will show up in Bloom Library under its own name. If you use “qaa” it will show up under "Other". If you want to check to see if anyone has already used a certain “q+letter+letter” code, type in the code in the search box under “Find Books By Language”:


Right now “qaa” is the only unlisted language code that has been used but I’m hoping that will change!