Display more than 3 collections in the Open/Create collections dialogue box

We end up making a lot of collections. Our collections represent two different sub-varieties of a language that we work in, as well as other related varieties that we help people make books for. Besides having different collections for each language, within those language divisions we also have different collections for the publishing format (pamphlet, book, or app) and for content type, as well as the Source Collections that we use for making shellbooks.

It would be helpful to be able to see more collections listed directly in the “Open/Create collections” box of the Bloom interface and not have to pull up Windows’ file chooser through the “Browse for another collection” button. This would especially make things easier for inexperienced Windows users for whom it is not intuitive to drill down into a folder to look for the .BloomCollection file. I’ve found that the more that a new user can do without leaving the Bloom interface, the less confusion & mistakes we have.

Sure. How many do you need?

If two more columns of three would fit into the box, it would be great to have the nine most recent collections shown. Otherwise, even having six available would probably give us access to 80% of the books we work on most.

OK, should be super easy. Look for this in 4.6.

:+1: Thanks, I’ll be watching for it!

This has shipped in Bloom 4.6 beta.

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